Between You And Me

 I miss you…

It reminds me that you’re over there and I’m here

 That no matter how loud and clear I scream , it  will sound like a whisper

 That no matter how surreal the moment is, it will always be a dream

 That no matter how I suppress my tears, pain that kills is unnamed..

I love you…

 This distance that drift us apart

 Waters streaming down our faces start

 You’re walking away again 

 Sad because it wasn’t our lane…
I hate you …

  Funny it feels more realistic this time 

  You know my sobs? My tears? — they’re in rhyme! 

  It’s more painful being scorned this way

  But for sure, I will be okay… 

  The differences between you and me separated by three different words  summing up pain and torture…. 


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