A Sad Tale


A Sad Tale


I used to believe in your charm when I was a kid.

I used to be captivated by the joy you bring in my little heart swaying with the Christmas bells.

I used to.

Until one day, you gave me reason not to believe in you anymore.

The chants were not merry anymore.

But rather, clad in royal blue.

Royal blue of sadness that I cannot smile upon hearing the carols

That day was too sad that I remember it yearly..

It was suppose to be a good gift, no greatest gift to me

And yet, you were selfish enough not to grant it.

I worked hard until there’s no much more sweat to perspire

And yet you squeezed my heart and made me cry

That was very sad

Too sad that everybody leaves when I already opted to stay

Too sad that everybody smiles and laughs when I weep, when I mourn

You pushed me off the cliff, and my hopes and my beliefs – were hangin’ in there too

No one to hold on, no one at all…













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