31 day poem challenge day 6: OH MY RIGEL




Of the thousands stars up there hangin’

You’ve shone to me the brightest and I’m chasin’..

You’re overpowering cold, bluish white hue

Felt like you’re looking back at me when I look at you

Oh Rigel, my Rigel!

Up, up— I wanna fell

I wanna hang with you

I just wish Orion will allow me to…

Neurons in my head are battling

Whether you’re a dwarf or giant, I have been wondering.

My Rigel, how’s it up to be there?

Fulfilled? Merrier?

How did you outshone huge cloud trap?

When it’s too cold , which star’s warm are you wrapped?

Can you leave Orion and build a constellation with me instead?…

 Rigel Facts



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