31 day poem challenge day 7: A HEART’S DEBRIS



I can count the days until Christmas season draws close

And as raindrops seep onto plants’ leaves

Painting them fresh, glorious emerald

I can count the days until you draw yourself to me and our tale has started…

Unexpectedly, all you left were dappled shades of heartaches

As hot, as scorching as the sun

And slowly, without me knowing- I melted

I melted without you to catch the vapors of my pain because you left…

I was so gullible for revamping myself into someone I am not

What I’ve got? —- A torn heart…

I am not saying you have to bring things the way they were

Hold me close and draw yourself back on my arms

Or should I say love me harder than you did

At least, do not stomp on the broken pieces

If you cannot pick and mend my heart’s debris…


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