Even Through


I will wait even through centuries….


Even Through

Of course I still remember you

The thought of you still linger at the back of my mind

Your laughs

Your deep sighs

The way you crease your forehead when you cannot understand me

Of course I can still remember you

There were times when I deemed to explore the Universe

Swam in space just to find answers

But I just got drained and all – I got none

I console myself by the thinking that answers were just hiding beneath the thick clouds,

Reflected by the sunlight during fair days that I will never see

Though I know there were none

I would totally understand if you’d think I left you

But believe it or not, I was there

I was at the place where we should actually meet

I just wanted to surprise you a bit that I hid myself behind the moon’s Mares

We talked about you the whole time I was with her until I got sleepy,

And I’ve fallen asleep…

When I woke up, the skies are clear

As crystal clear that you were already gone

But I came back with a hoping heart

Only to hear from the stars that you had just left

It happened again and again and again

Until the time that I was the only one waiting

But I’ll never stop from coming back

Truth be told, I buried my heart in the ocean already

Hoping it could hear your footsteps when you happen to trod in our place

Now, all I could do is to tell the stars how I missed you

Now, all I could do is to whisper the lingering pain in the air

Stabbed the moon’s face with the how’s and why’s

Hoping that in a day or two you will be back

And maybe, if that happens – you’re into someone new already

But even if the thought breaks me, I will wait,

I will wait even through centuries….



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