Our love for sure was a suppressed story

Chained in complete clandestine

While the stars giggle as we found snugger in each arms

While the moon fortified our path through a wonderful love

While the dark skies camouflaged the unrevealed torment of the future

While the wind heard the whistling, rustlings of the hushed sweetness

While the clouds canopied us from tears

Our love was reserved only for the two of us, hoarded

So, when our love was falling, drifting, ripping apart

Tears had to fall gracefully, carefully

So nobody could hear the rippling pain, not a single soul alive

While the stars?

The moon?

The skies?

They could do nothing but gazed us, parting ways- rifted, ruptured

For the last time, before I go North and you trod down South

We cuddled under the pouring rain

Wishing the waters would take away every bit, every piece of pain…






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