Butterfly’s Goodbye




Butterfly’s Goodbye


“I was a wingless butterfly from nowhere trying to swoop

Ended up landing in this amazing garden

A salacious world molded me so I fizzled,

And you unveiled my chastity into complete sense of reality

Upholded me with sheer and pure acceptance and respect

So that in just a tap of a shoulder, I’ve grown a pennon

So I can lavish my eyes, my heart, my soul with the wonderful words encrypted in the soil 

So much trust watered – my wilted,withered soul

I began to grow and sprout like a seed thrown in a loamy ground

Look, I now have my wings!

But can I roam around once more? 

I wanna kiss this land my last goodbye

Thank you for letting me in, thank you for the soar

It has been an awesome odyssey…”





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