“Look, I was able to walk past the space and catch your favorite stars which we use to stare on a starry night!” , the boy exclaimed in pure excitement as he held his hands in front of her woman, joy and triumph visible on his handsome aura.

But the girl just stared at the stars before her eyes , not a single trace of happiness seen in her pupils.

She has grown old and tired and ugly.

“Why? This is what you want , right?” , confusingly he asked.

“I don’t need your stars.”

“But love, you just don’t know how hard I’ve tried to get these for you!”

She heaved a deep sigh looking straightly in his eyes.

“You were gone too long and I just couldn’t wait. You know, humans never grow in several light years .”

His shoulder dropped, tears began to flow in his eyes. And with a braver heart, he asked,

“Do you still love me?”

The girl stepped back and said,

“I don’t need your stars as much as I don’t need your love….”




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