People my people wanna read a unique story?
Of Mercury so elegant and enchanting real deadly,
Caught a dying star escaping the gravity of a black hole
And pitied and embraced and magnetized it whole!
“Were you hurt dear little star?” Moon asked worriedly
“No my majesty, no! ” astonished the star repeated
“I’m Rigel — bright and old, old but untold!”
“You’re wonderful, tantalizing factually be told!”
Little did she know he’d been staring from afar
Apocalyptic and breathtakingly drifting apart,
His clever mind , his cold stone heart…
“Oh Rigel, my Rigel ! Up up I wanna fell!”
“And let’s see what in our hearts will dwell?”
“Is it a room for our love story?”
“Or another line of a painful tragedy?”
Mercury would always wish a chance,
Unaware of his will, Rigel just shine and shine
Until Mercury was too blinded and couldn’t see time
Shaking, shacking — nodes shackling
“What I suppose to do with his candid feeling?”
And all the other stars and planets and moons were outshone
When Mercury with Rigel shine in a wondrous unison!
“Never imagined you would picked me up!” teary eyed Rigel blew,
“Grateful I had you in my life and though I was never the one you knew!”
“Ssh! Ssh! Stop blabbering nonsense my dear!”
“For if only you knew I’m your fan and a secret admirer”
“I have been watching your glow because of your halo”
“Halo that you never see but an appreciative friend like me do.”
“You do good— best actually and I love your every way!”
No words to express for Rigel to feel his sincerity
And she has to believe that life is really never tragedy
The good pa-dams pa-dams of her beating heart
Were proofs that she’ll cry and laugh but’ll never ever torn apart
She fell to someone which was tremendously hot and dangerous
But she never regret and her heart knew she never lost
Or if maybe yes, it’s her heart at stake
But she’ll continue to shine no matter what it takes
For as long as Mercury radiates his light and energy
Rigel will continue to move forward and shine brightly
Their axes were themselves and they revolve around each other’s orbit
But the love, the trust ? — they’ll grew more by bit through beat…


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