To The Broken Guy…


To The Broken Guy…

She’s brave, He’s tough.
But when you came , everything went rough.
You made her feel special
And she appreciated them so far

A committed heart is always forbidden.
Someone’s who has an attachment don’t have the right on this thing.
But, can you blame her?
Were you there when you`re needed by her?

Things that don’t matter probably will not hurt
Yet , it does so , you matter in her heart.
Don’t judge her – you weren’t there
You don’t even care.

She’s sad
He makes her glad.
She has so many stories to tell.
All he do was lend an ear.

There might be a chance that stood between them,
But she does care for you
So she’s not letting you go.
She’s choosing what’s right and that’s by loving you.

She’s hoping she did the right thing
Even if she knew, she had left one heart bleeding.
She didn’t had the glimpse of where this poem is leading.
But she’s wishing that you are reading.


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