Today I decided to take my first three steps out of my luck,
Sauntering the lost part of my being which was fallen between cracks.
It was never you, or him or somebody else, though,
Neither all the things under the sun I have been through.

Life is as stale and as dull as a withering fall fig leaves,
A kind of life which hatred starts to flourish.
While happiness and love commences shriveling,
Little by little was engulfed by the grotesque evil.

You hold on, yet I had pushed you off.
You begged, yet I was too stubborn to forgive.
And heartless.
I was wrong when I told you I don’t need you in my life.

Truth be told?
I’m empty without you.
Your power makes me strong and tough.
In my heart, unknowingly you make me laugh.

I miss you my love, my lust, my sin.
I miss you my poetry.


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