Look at you. You’re beautiful. Very beautiful actually. You have your natural, wavy, brown hair that prances every time you move.
Your eyes? They’re almond-sized and hazelnut brown too.
Deep. Too deep that when I stare at them I get drowned with sincerity, innocence, and honesty.
But you know what? It’s good to be lost when with you. Know why? It’s because I know you won’t leave.
We’re friends. Aren’t we?
And there’s one thing I’m certain of, you’re a very good friend.
I just do not know why others do not see the halo you were wearing since then.
It’s huge. It’s glittering. And as dazzling as you really are.
Just because you failed pleasing them, you refurbished yourself into somebody we both know you were not. And will never be. Or so I thought.
You lived the kind of life I wasn’t expecting you to have.
Flaunted your wealth.Valued what the people around you say, are inevitable for you.You drowned yourself with alcohol. Clothe yourself with treachery and evil.
You changed everything about you and accorded your life to a number who follow the furor.
You were eaten by the ludicrous norm you assumed were created especially for you.
Now, look at you. You’re still beautiful. Even more beautiful actually.
But I do not know you anymore.
A red-haired woman in bold lip color with an evil grin pasted on them.
A kind of woman with few portions of the body covered by chunks of fabric while the rest are exposed for the world to see.
Beauty under destruction.
Still a beauty. Albeit.

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