Dear WordPress,



Dear WordPress,

I tumbled on your name at the corner of the internet, one lazy afternoon of September.

That day was so ordinary and should have hardly reminisced, but thanks to you because I can vividly remember the idea of me googling for the ‘best’ blogging sites that time.

And among my searches? You topped! So I chose you to be part of my writing life.

If I have to count how long we have been together? We’re just eight months, and counting. 🙂 

I wish you came into my life earlier. I could have wrote my mind ever since in your lovely spaces.

But well, even though we’ve been together for only a couple of months, I can proudly say that I had made some unforgettable memories already with you.

Here are they.

My first follower was Kristina Cox (November 10, 2016). At this moment, I am on the verge of deleting my WP account. I thought, it’ll be forever boring. I hadn’t mastered navigating the site that time. And I seriously had difficulties.

It’s really difficult to gain followers especially that time my blogging site does not deserve be called a ‘site’ yet. 😀

I really struggled picking the theme that suits my personality, as well as customizing it.

So I have to do it over and over again yet I do not like my final output. 

When I finally did, I began writing.

I even joined in a month’s poetry prompt in December.

And I did it!

I even gained writer friends here. 

But you know what’s more ecstatic? Last December 5, 2016, devereaux frazier nominated my site as a Best New Blogger.

“She’s only been on WP since September? I. Don’t. Care. Her poetry is beautiful, full of emotion, and always interesting to read. I hope she’s on here for a long, long time.”

Although I keep saying that I do not need a number of followers to write, it still counts when I know I can touch someone’s heart and mind through my writings.

It still matters if someone out there reaches out and says “Hey, I like this line. As if made for me!”

It makes us happy when someone appreciates our work. That means to say, we are growing as a writer. And this is what matters at the end of every writing day. 

I do not know to what extent this texts will reach but just in case it reached you, keep writing. Keep inspiring other people. In any way you are best at. 

And I’ll be keeping you with me, forever…





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