Photo taken at Embarcadero de Legaspi, Albay

Perhaps you’ve heard or read a lot about Mayon Volcano.

Yup, I am talking about one of the magnificent and active volcanoes here in the Philippines.

Have you known that it had its Sisterhood Agreement with Mt. Fuji of Fuefuki City, Japan last year?

If you were thinking it is just a volcano which erupts and throws away magma and lava when it gets angry, think again!

It’s not just a mountain that forms all the igneous rocks around Albay.

It’s more than that…

Allow me to tell you why:

During Holy Week, particularly at Holy Thursday & Good Friday- Christians, commemorate the Passion of Christ through a pilgrimage leading to the Rest house.

But, before you reach the rest house, you should pause, reflect and pray at every station approximately a kilometer away from each other.

When you finally reach atop, you’d be embraced by the cold fogs. Yes, it’s less temperate here knowing that it’s altitude is greater.

Assuming you go here at night, you’d be seeing the street lights of the suburb. And it’s always breathtaking!

On a broad daylight, you’d be seeing vast fields with various crops situated around the mountain. Plants here do not use much inorganic fertilizers considering that past eruptions made the soil loamy and good for the crops.

Most of the products found at the markets of Albay are planted at baranggays situated near the mountain. Thus, are more organic,healthful and nutritious.

Considering that the place lies at its base, it’s their indicator if there’d be a fair weather. Visible Mayon meant fair weather and otherwise.

There are many reasons why this mountain became an icon associated with the people living around it.

For so many years, Mayon denotes ‘oragon’ Albayanos.





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