The Winning Photograph of Daniel Beherulak, an NYT lensman.


It’s been awhile since the day you shot me with your wrong judgment and pure suspicion.  

It has been weeks since I left my starving family without them knowing I’ll be shot in the streets while trying to earn a living and take home decent meal.

It has been months since you took away my borrowed life like you have the right to and shut all the doors I tried to seek for my family.

I’m six feet beneath this cold, barren space I know I don’t deserve yet.

But you know what?

From here, I could smell the noxious stench of your rotten soul.

Funny how it sounds but I could see you disturbed in everything you do.

Yes, I know the feeling of being troubled by thoughts sauntering in the mind.

I could feel the throbbing of your heart every time you see pictures of me circulating around the media sites.

I could sense that you were always in a haste of going home. I know you were afraid of loosing your family but you never thought twice of taking me from them.

And I loathe you for that my best friend.

You know what? – I have been so proud of you all my life because I know you are a dignified cop.

I know you will do good in your profession.

But I was wrong because you killed me knowing that I was innocent.

I’m hoping you will not do the same mistake.

I’m hoping this won’t happen to you.

Please send my hugs and kisses to my family. They do not know you killed me.





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