Written by: Bbgscribbles

And she was beautiful when you met her.

There was sunshine on her face. 

The was a guilt-free happiness. 

Then, you came. 

Admired her.

Cherished her.

Kissed her. 

Smudged her lip tint.

You paused for awhile. 

Wandered at her bare face. 

Saw her past through her scars with complete indifference. 

You were disappointed. 

And you judged her, 

Then left.

For the nth time, she was ruined. 

Her mascara went all over her face. 

Pink blush turned beet red.

Washed off by the tears you caused her. 

And she’s back at one. 

Healing herself. 

Hiding the pain. 

Moving on. 

Forgetting you.

Hoping that someday she’ll meet somebody who’ll ruin her make up of too much happiness. 

Not by tears. 


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