When everyone has moved on and went on with their lives,

When everyone had surpassed all the tragedies fate had offered,

When everyone has smiled on all the negativities of the universe,

When everyone has found peace and solemnity with their dying souls,

When everyone has written all the stories and poems inveigled their minds,

When everyone has drunk up to the last drop of the most potable water,

When everyone has smiled despite all the sours of life,

When everyone has found the reason to appreciate life,

You’re still there…

Stuck between the dark realms of the past.

Stuck in the shadows of all life’s tragedy.

Stuck inside the electrons of things that don’t matter at all.

Stuck on all the noises created by yourself and yourself alone.

Stuck on the thoughts that had lingered long in your mind but were never transcribed.

Stuck in the vast desert of nothingness and on an arid land of impossibilities.

Stucked into the bitterness of the bitterest experience one would never wanna remember..

Stuck on a life one never wished to have from the very beginning.

Wishing that the Universe would do moving on for me.

Oh, how I wish…



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