I could still feel your nails buried with furor in my skin.

I could still remember all the sensations brought by the brushing of your lips with mine.

Yes, there’s no way I will ever forget those,

Especially it was the time I showed you how much I can do for love.

Especially that time, I was able to quench your thirst and gratified your id.

The way how you gawked at me as if I’m the best thing your eyes ever saw?

Your smile that reflects too much happiness I thought would last?

I’ve gone wrong. Very wrong.

Because after extricating my whole,

You left me scarred. And empty. And useless. And lost.

After extracting from me your strength?

You thanked me, not a zilch.

You have forsaken me.

You shoved me out of your life like I’m the last thing you would ever, ever value.

You just watched me rolled over my own piles of mess.

Well, you still forced yourself to give me one last glance,

But unlike before, there’s no excitement at all.

Just a blank expression received by futile things, like me.

Hope inside was stirred when you suddenly decided to walk back to me,

Wishing you would offer me your hand, or at the very best – pick me…

But no!

With all the strength I gave you,

You jolted me quick, fast and with all your must.

I glided through the murky, muddy lane away from you.

The heart is hoping someone out there will pick me and bring me to where I should be.

Yes, to where I should really be.

Where no you and your heartless self.

Just me and my crumpled pieces.


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