We have been digraphs which were inseparable,

We don’t need orthography to be treated as a whole.

 Your name was delineated and chiseled in my heart.

And even if enclitics of challenges are met along the way,

We remained together, you were still my subject and my world revolved around you.

But now, I could not find you in my moment of seclusions.

I could not perceive even a dash of your silhouette.

All I could feel is emptiness and hear eternal silence.

But I, unfortunately, caught you smiling at another person.

You and her exchanging intoxicating moments while I watch and bleed.

So that is why?

That is why no matter how hard I try to weave our interwoven paths,

That no matter how hard I tried weaving each grapheme printed in the alphabet,

I hardly forge the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ and ‘US’.

It occurred that I seldom hear you say the magic words.

Goin’ back, we don’t need conjunctions and, if, but to stay connected even at a distance.

I can even count the days on my fingers when we’re on the ruckus.

But now you don’t care at all, and I’m the last creature you would wanna see.

Maybe because you’ve allowed me to slip from your memory,

And no verse, no poem could ever convene them all into us again.

The story of us vanished I thought would be published into books.

No adrenaline rush, No blush,

No fleeting moment, No love but pure torment.

Just like our dispensed poetry, rhymes disappeared.

Untold but freed….








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