Mother Me My Mother


At some point of her life, she has wished her mother is never her mother at all.

But before you judge her, let me tell you she was abandoned when she was young due to selfish, immature & impractical reasons.

She was never sent to school every class opening, unlike any mother would excitedly do.

She was forced to stop schooling because her mother told her, she’s not worth a learning, she’s not worth a penny.

She was forced to earn a living at a young age because her mother would stay in the hall and play tongits with her friends.

She has stayed at her grandmother’s house more than she did on their own because she would always neglect  & shoo her away.

Years pass, she grew up.

Fortunately, an educated woman earning a good living because of her hard work.

And through her dedication and diligence as well, illuminated by the good hearts who helped her achieve her dreams.

She walked by their house.

It’s still the same. Old, boring, colorless, weak, dim.

Her mother would sit at the foot of the wooden stairs, sad and weak while watching her steps towards her.

Her tears streamed down her bare face that has left with time.

Lips were trembling as if words won’t escape from her box and could not utter even a single word.

She rummaged courage from her inner self and asked her mother,

“Do you still remember me?”

She shook her head and began to cry.

“No, I would never forget you, my daughter. You had been my dream and my nightmares.But I’m glad you’re in good shape. I’m happy for what you’ve got.”

She smiled selflessly and humbly as if her daughter is a fragile thing someone clumsy like her should never touch.

“Can I hug you?”, the daughter hesitantly asked.

She shook her head even more.

“No, I’m dirty. I’m a mess. I was not able to bathe today due to the cold weather.”

She grabbed her hand and held her tight.

“I don’t care mother. Just don’t break me again. I’m strong and a whole piece now. Mother me, my mother and I will be forever your good daughter…”



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