When I gave you the key to my heart,

I only wished nothing but your sound sense ownership of it.

I mean would it be too much to ask for you to take care of it?

I believed it would not be.

But I forgot you were a heartless swindler.

Never did I thought you were gonna take everything from me.

So there you go, took with you the key, tore the knob.

Moved away, disappeared and left me in the sob.

So, I’m left hopeless, homeless, broke and hurt,

Funny how things have gone wrong, God I don’t even have access to my own heart!

And even if I have to tear myself more, I bet there’s nothing left inside.

Only animosity, anguish and resentments.

Yes, you sold me to the devil and beguiled me to sadness.

Don’t blame my rancor, I’m souled out!





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