So here we are, not lost but more, of confused.

We’re confused about what lane to take, what path to thread.

More like we’re staring at the way but we exactly do not know that we’re actually staring at.

We’re just there, standing like idiots, waiting whom will gonna lead the way.

Though we both know, neither of us knew it from the very start.


In my peripheral view, I could see your lips curving into an awkward smile.

I did the same, not because I wanted to, but just for the sake of complementing the moment.

You know, we’ve been in this maze for years now,

I know how to play your game, truth is, I have mastered it already.

Let me tell you the kind of game we have,


On a fleet moment, we were near in the abyss of falling hard,

But it seemed to me that there were huge blockades in there,

I wonder why. Do I look like a thief that you could not open the door in three good knocks?

Or you were actually building the strongest walls so that no one, even me – could not permeate?

Can you tell me why?


But when I decided to drift away and go out your sight,

You told me you missed me, and that you were looking for me.

I’m starting to get confused about what to do with you and with us.

We were on an endless chase,

But neither of us wanted to be the ‘it’, or get caught for that matter.


So what do confused people do? – Continue the chasing game.

The last to stop and get weary would be the looser,

Because this would mean, you never get tired of waiting. Of loving. Of hoping.

I hate to say this but I’m sure, between the two of us,

It’s me who’ll surely continue the chase in this endless maze called love-yrinth.










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