I wasn’t sure how safe Canada is but my heart flutters at the sight of its name,
It’s as if there is something in it, just so enticing.
It’s like it’s the dream guy I would not want to die without seeing,
Take me to Canada, my heart is pleading.

Roam me over its cities, particularly in Montreal,
And when our feet get weary, rest me under the maple trees,
I know it’s cliche but let us catch some maple leaves.
And let’s see how they could change our fates!

I wanted to know how high is high and how low is low,
And no matter how high it is, I will never be afraid of falling because I know you will be there to catch me,
Would it be too much if I ask you to take me to Alexandra Waterfalls?
I heard its waters- the sight, the sound of them could heal ripped souls.

I know you’re cold but snow is still colder right?
I wanna see, I wanna know, I wanna feel then compare,
I want to understand how chill is chill,
And what makes winter and snow special as to how you are to me.

And with so many toxins in this place, I am in,
I hope it’s not much to do some escaping,

Take me to Canada even just in my dreams…


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