“I ADMIRE you, and not only your poems”

BRAVE enough to express yourself amidst all the chaos churning in & out of your reality. Keep it up.”

“You have this CREATIVE mind that welcomes comradeship and the best luck.”

“Simple yet you can stand out and DOMINATE if you want to, you just choose to be humble.”

ENTHUSING as the words you happen to mishmash but still creates communication.”

“FUNNY in your own way that you can make me laugh without trying so much hard.”

GENEROUS enough to lend a hand, a heart, an ear that makes this place still a better place to live in.”

“You have this smile that could HEAL torn and hopeless hearts.”

INDEPENDENT yet you know when to ask some help and can really appreciate it.”

“Can be as sunny as the sun and as JOVIAL as its rays. You always radiate!”

KEEN observer but pays to listen and understand than criticize and judge.”

LUCID intentions that could clear minds in deep ambiguity.”

METAMORPHOSE to improve not to change in a drastic way.”

“A kind of NOVEL I’m forever addicted and in love with.”

“Your OPTIMISM emanates from all the corners of this virtual world.”

“You’ve done your best, PLETHORA of it in fact.”

“You can make my world so QUIET that I could hear my own heartbeat.”

“You can make me my breath quicken by the mere sight of you but your presence is enough to REPLENISH the lost energy.”

SORRY for all the pain you’ve gain by simply loving me.”

THANK YOU for your wonderful love.”

“We’ve been through a lot but your love for me was UNWAVERING.”

“You have always been so VIVACIOUS in conquering the odds of life, I never noticed you started fading.”

“Ours is a WONDERFUL story, worth remembering, worth writing.”

“You could take me to XANADU and made me wish not to be awaken anymore.”

YES, I hurt you. I’m sorry but I still love you.”

“Let’s give this trajectory an end and just stay at the ZENITH







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