There is no such thing as a perfect world.
Every era has its own dilemma.
No matter which era you live in, life has an agony.
And the things you would want to resist.
We resist, we struggle, we fight, then win,
Perhaps, that’s how we shape the world we live in.
So never ever wished you could have lived in the seventies or eighties,
Trust me, they’ve worked so much hard for the freedom of this country.
And here we are, abusing the liberty we don’t even have the slightest idea of the pain for this future gain.
We’re in an era when wars are rampant, and life is but a profanity.
Oh yes, we are on one of the biggest slumps of our lives as a nation.
Terrorists were able to permeate across our borders we thought were strong enough.
It is but okay to find some humor, to laugh, to smile,
And to find reasons to go on, to do more, to do big.
But rape as a joke? – I don’t think so.
It’s seemed to me that we have been foraging immorality.
Jokes do make me laugh, but this one?
It made me cringe.
Maybe because it’s full of obstreperousness,
I don’t know.
I just witnessed how this country was taken care of,
Only in the end to be deflowered.

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