How many times I’d stopped writing for you?
Countless, I mean, I lost counts of it.
Maybe because I was busy doing it.
Or maybe because I was never actually on it.

I shooed you away for so many times too!
Yet, you’re still here sticking like a superglue.
And I’m still here, fidgeting, not knowing what to do.
I realized I was not really letting you go.

Funny how things turned as topsy-turvy as these,
Where no you, nor I, a missing piece.
Only we both know how to complicate things,
Patch those lines, pick those broken wings.

Another crappy story under the world of cliches,
Where I fell for you & you were able to catch me,
But I was way too heavy and a burden,
That you ended up thrashing, dropping and tripping me.

So before we get to that awful ending,
Let’s end this, to begin with.



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