To The Silent Ones,

To the silent ones, 
Life has been tough, yes. And I’m happy you’ve gone through it and you are reading this post. 
You’ve gone through a lot that you had mastered the art of pretending (that you’re mentally and emotionally sound) , hiding in your cocoon, making faces you know you really are not. 
I’m happy you never gave up. 
You didn’t listen to the demons inside you, whispering during lonely and sleep-deprived nights. 
At least you tried not to cut your wrists for the nth time with razors, hidden with one of your cabinets. 
Or worst, hang yourself and your frustrations in the ceiling, only to be judged and cursed the next morning. 
You did not reach that point. 

You just remained silent in that corner scribbling all the thoughts that are actually bringing you down. 
Drawing all your sadness on that crumpled sketchpad you held in your chest tight. 
Spent days listening to songs which boost your mood. 
Talked to few people whom you really trust. 
Felt the love, care and understanding you can get from anyone who’s willing to give. 

You did a good job. 

You kept going even when others stopped walking their lives. 

You kept going even when sadness choked you in countless times. 
Am proud of you. 

You valued your God-given life.
To the silent ones, I know you do sleep talks. 

Let me hear those cries of yours;

Even when you do with no particular reason, even when you feel down with no particular emotion, even when you feel empty with no particular missing piece. 
Allow me to become one of your friends. 

You can talk to me and I can listen without judging you. 
Let us keep going against all the demons inside us. 
God is with us.

“To The Silent Ones,”


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