​Single, Single Little Star

Single,single little star!
Did you wonder how am I? 

I’ve been weak yet soaring high,

Loved and get hurt, yeah I cried!
Coz bad boys were never gone,

But I’m telling you, it’s done!

Pain’s still here, but I can fight.

Though I’m single, I’m all right!
Left in here, some thousand scars.

Promises which reached that far.

Now, I’m staring at a star.

Seen you happy from afar.
So I can be happy too,

Life’s never over, I know!

I’m mending my own pieces,

Ain’t gonna need his kisses.
I’ve got some mem’ries to keep,

In my mind, I’ll let it sleep!

Though I know they’re never true.

It’s breaking me, through and through…
Single, single little star,

Did you wonder how am I?

I’ve been strong and soaring high!

Loved but hurt, I stopped to cry. 


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