Seven Things I Really Wanna Tell You


(And it pays if you read this post or you listen to me if ever that time comes.)

First, don’t leave just yet. Selfish, ain’t? You know there’s no reason yet. We’re happy that we have each other. Let’s wait for that reason to come.29197190_608777639463808_164334034384584704_n

Second, I now understand why you stopped sending me sweet texts or quotes. I already get it when you said “Just remember that you’re the space bar in my keyboard.” If you’re complimenting my size, thanks to you but if you’re meaning it figuratively — please, educate me. 😘

Third, I am serious when I told you I will stay not unless you shut me out of your life. So, if you really have plans of keeping me in your life in the future, watch your words. And I hope you understand now why I am still here despite being rejected several times. I’ve got high hopes. I’ve got courage. I’ve got my words. You know why? You’re not telling me to go away or to stop either.😊

Fourth, thank you. Thank you for all the things you’ve done to me without you knowing it. I don’t really get it why you really make me so happy. You know what I mean? You were a light in this dimmer room called life. 😊

Fifth, I am not expecting anything from you.Don’t get me wrong huh, does not mean I like you I want a romantic involvement with you. You don’t need to reciprocate my feelings. It’s true. I am not expecting anything from us. I think that’s too much to ask. Making me smile seeing your face is enough.

Six, I just like you, period. I admire your mysterious and funny side. I mean life has been so cruel and yet you’re radiating positivity and good vibes that do not escape from me. I like you more when you play hard to get. I wonder why you’re like that. 😅 Have you been hurt? ‘Past is past.’ So maybe it’s a resounding yes.

Seven, take care and love yourself always. Work for your dreams. I am always one among the proudest of your achievements. Your number one fan. Your best friend. I am just a call away when life throws shits on you. I am forever your friend. And you should know that. 😊😘


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