Losing The Stress, Getting Back Old Self

          Summer is one among the sweetest and wonderful seasons throughout the year.

       Fair weather, towering clouds, bright sky, warm breezes, sparkling leaves- Aw, I just love them!

         In fact, we’ve started our summer escapades already. Like, who would not?

      The skies are blue and it’s so okay to roam around in this planet and get relaxed through the heat of the sun, and the wonders of nature. Life is short dear friends and whether you like it or not, we need to unwind from time to time.

       I am sharing with you some summer-ific shots in my place. They ain’t that far from my home but who says unwinding must be expensive and far? It’s just a matter of enjoyment and togetherness. Yes, travel with good friends. It’s one among the essentials, or better yet-family.

Our very first destination was at my place. A three-hour ride from Legazpi City to the far-flung mountains in Malinao Albay, a popular falls in our locality, the Vera Falls.


Situated beneath huge shades of peculiar trees, the underground waters sprung somewhere between huge rocks. So, a panoramic view of this, shows a lot of mini-falls on the walls of a limestone. Another cute thing about this falls is that the waters are subdivided into both warm and cold temperatures. Something rare isn’t it?

Our second destination was a still very virgin beach in Manito, Albay, another two and a half-hour ride from the city of Legazpi, the Zoie’s beach.



It’s sand is not that white but I tell you, they’re very fine! It’s so good on my feet that I’ve spent some of my lone moments walking to and fro. Strolling with the kid we brought with us, and my favorite- trees! Trees are everywhere! Maybe because my favorite color is green. Plus I acknowledge the fact that their color soothes the eyes and brains cells.


As soon as we arrived in the place, there are already locals of Manito who were enjoying the water on their skin. Mostly are kids. They’re enjoying the same way I did later. Below were proofs.



I was with my friends, Ditas and Ma. Fe, the same people I spend most of my time this whole year. 🙂

Stay tune for my upcoming local tours here in the Philippines. Have a great day!





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