Filipino slang: ‘Jowable’

Last night, I ran into an unusual long vlog of Vincentiments on Facebook. As of now, it garnered millions of views already that means to say, many could relate to the sentiments the woman was unpacking. Here’s the link.

It’s unusual because she’s a woman who finally lost patience in waiting for His will regarding her love life. The whole video talks about her being an ideal girlfriend that is why the title is ‘jowable’– it’s a Filipino slang for being an ideal woman. In the whole video, she’s holding a bottle of rum while bargaining with the Lord inside a Roman Catholic church. I’m seeing here the contradictions between being ‘jowable’ and her actions in the video. Nobody is perfect, yes, but if you are going to say something about you and you want other people to believe you, it must be shown on how you carry yourself. Although it’s funny, it is also awful for me. Why? Because she’s not depicting what she’s saying she is. She’s disrespectful. She’s not actually ‘jowable’.

Why is it so common nowadays for a woman who is obsessed to be loved?  Is love a rare thing already? If it is not then why do I usually read long posts of women being taken for granted or sometimes unnoticed? Every day, when I scroll my feed, I would always read something about either of the two.

So it’s true-genuine love is now a rare thing. That’s why, if you had it already, please, take care of it. It’s not every day it will knock on your door then decide to stay for a long time.

Any other perspectives about this? Drop it on the comment box. I wanna know. Thank you! 🙂 Have a great day and Happy Fathers’ Day to all the people who have been fathering their family.



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