Wonder Why

pexels-photo-736505 (1)

You’ve always been as lovely as my favorite book,

Some whole package of a favorite lead character,

As dashing as it was hidden behind its justified adjectives.

And you were a favorite conflict to whom my heart gets afflicted,

Like that of Romeo and Juliet but not suicidal.

It’s a love that makes me grow into someone better,

As to how the rays of the sun lead its heat to your skin.

The way through you though is quite intimidating.

We’re oceans apart, we could not do the usual talking.

Every day I am wishing, for the tectonic plates to move faster.

So that we could finally see each other and be together.

And it’s never that simple because, in this love, nobody is giving up.

Not me with dreams here in my place, not you too with your dreams in your place.

None of us will do the chase.

I wonder why we call this thing, love.




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