to my gardener



this is a poem to my gardener,
my gardener, i came from unaerated soil,
unaerated soil with no warmth, not a flicker of light!
a flicker of light and a drop of water maybe were enough,
maybe, we’re enough that’s why i acted wilting
i acted wilting so he threw me out of that window.
out of that window, you pass by.
pass by to not just pick me up but garden me.
garden me by deadheading, dethatching cause was treated as an epiphyte.
an epiphyte that only needs air and rainfall, but i’m a shrub!
a shrub needs some light, some water and some love,
some love and all of my gardener to make me an evergreen,
an evergreen despite that microclimatic heart,
that microclimatic heart that makes me bear panicles,
panicles that make your love as my gardener as perennial as a grass!


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