There were times I would still look for you in betweens my verses,

I would still listen to the rhythm of my heart through the metrics of my poems for you.

But I cannot find you anymore,

I cannot hear the beating of your heart at all.

Maybe my superfluous words are not enough to huddle all your love.

There were times I wondered if you’re hiding behind those graphemes.

Or you preferred being busy by creating your own walls you assumed no one can penetrate.

While me, I am still holding the infringed self.

Still much addicted with your poems.

Still lost on the familiar lane towards you.

Can I ask a favor?

Please, stop hiding beneath the punctuation marks I have used.

Particularly on the last period of this poem,

Because if you would do that, then we really were done and over. 

Please do not end what has not started yet because ‘US’ is never abbreviated.

And if at the end of this line I still did not acquire you,

Please do continue the search, but this time, rummage for my presence, seek my name, look for my love.

Back then, I were lost countless times by merely finding you,

In the end, I still do not have you & I don’t know myself anymore. 



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